Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Family card exchange times seventeen

Most of the women in our family make cards.  We used to have a quarterly get together where one would host, serve lunch, plan a few games.  It was a girls day out where we could get together and visit with each other an catch up on what was happening in their lives.  My mother who is now 74 to the youngest girls who are now 12 looked forward to our girls day.  Years have passed, the kids have graduated from college, gotten married and have moved away.  Since there is so much distance between us we are doing a mailing exchange this year.  All our cards are sent to Becca who distributes them to all the participants  (Becca should get lots of chocolate)  I mailed mine to Becca yesterday.  I found some cards on pinterest I really liked so I copied there cards.  We have a competition card this time themed valentines so I made the peekaboo owl card.
 Inspiration for the two owls on a tree limb from:
Inspiration for reindeer from:
I'd like to give someone credit for the peekaboo owl card but unfortunately I cannot find the website.


  1. You're ruining the surprise! You better not let Aunt Julie see or how is the vote for the challenge card going to be secret? ;)
    Can't wait to get these in the mail! They look soooooooo cute!! P.S. If I should get lots of chocolate, that means you need to send me chocolate. Haha!

  2. Your cards are adorable! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  3. What an utterly fabulous tradition! That makes me so happy :)

  4. Darling cards! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  5. Cute cards. Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  6. These are so adorable Jerrie! You started your blog just about the same time as I started mine! Three very lovely cards for a great start to what promises to be a great blog! Hazel xx